All About Jazz: Connie Han Trio - Detroit Jazz Festival Review by Chris Hovan

“Part of the Mack Avenue Records roster, the anticipation was high for the debut of West Coast pianist Connie Han and she did not disappoint. Han has gone on record stating that her main influences include folks such as McCoy Tyner and Mulgrew Miller. And while some elements of those artists can be heard in her stylistic voice, what is remarkable is how much Han has sublimated them into a molding of her own individualistic voice.

With bassist Ivan Taylor and drummer Bill Wysaske on board, Han delivered a mix of music from her Mack Avenue debut and numbers from her forthcoming sophomore set. Serving as music director as well as drummer, Wysaske's arrangements were an integral part of the success of the performances. His original "Captain's Song" was also a highlight of the set, marked by a musical approach to drumming that added layers of complexity beyond the mere keeping of time.

Introducing Mulgrew Miller's "The Sequel," Han commented on how the late pianist's music enticed her to commit her full energies to jazz. Again, Han impressed with her advanced concept of the trio format. Moving to Fender Rhodes, she was no less engaging on the originals "Gruvy" and "Southern Rebellion." Proof that Han had won over her audience, a long line of fans waited patiently to meet her and sign autographs after the show.”

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