Italian Culture and News Site Exclusive Interview with Connie Han, the Rising Star of Jazz

“Connie Han is one of the rising stars of the new American Jazz scene.

Born in Los Angeles in a family of musicians and raised in the myth of Chick Korea, Kenny Kirkland and Herbie Hancock, approaches the Jazz at Los Angeles County High School.

Is a jazz musician "with frightening technical skills, a wealth of history and a lot of originality to write melodies that capture easily hearing", writes about her to the New York Times, while Jazziz has included in this article between the artists to keep an eye on in 2019.

"With this album (Crime zone, ED), Connie Han has booked a place among the stars of tomorrow's jazz," are the words that has dedicated All About Jazz.

To present his latest work and to learn more about its main artistic influences, we we interviewed Connie Han.” (Translated from Italian to English. View the complete interview in English here. View the complete interview in Italian here.