Keyboard Magazine Talent Scout Series: Connie Han

"Know your craft. In a chaotic and often ruthless industry, art can fall victim to politics, profit, and the fast-paced social media-dominated environment. It is easy to lose confidence in what's good or bad music so always be conscious to what you know to be true. Your greatest weapons are the skills and musicianship you acquire from hard work, learning repertoire, knowing how to play your instrument, and fully comprehending the sophistication of your art form. Honor the truth that your musical heroes left behind by using it to pave a path for yourself as a unique voice and that, I believe, will ultimately lead to a fulfilling artistic experience." 

Advice Connie offers in Keyboard Magazine's newly relaunched Talent Scout series. Check out the column here as she discusses her upbringing, musical training, biggest influences, and much more. 

Meet Jazz Pianist Connie Han at All Music Television

From "LeRoy Downs had the opportunity recently to visit with 20 year old Jazz pianist Connie Han at Catalina's Jazz Club in Hollywood, California. Make sure to check back with us daily to meet the beautiful, young, classically trained Jazz pianist, Ms Connie Han. Coming soon to the All Music Television Digital Network. Watch a short video clip here."